Word of the Morning


This is a real word! The dictionary says it means to enliven or animate. I say whateverz. It’s my name so it’s my word. I’m stealing it from all of youz.

Thank you for reading. You have now been Vivified.

Nice Example, CHP

I want to be a highway patrol officer so I can speed and weave and tailgate all I want and not get pulled over for it. It’s like having a get out of jail free card for road pricks. Now if only they issued speedy 2-seaters instead of those damned Crown Victorias.

Ying and Yang… Push and

Ying and Yang…
Push and pull…
Points and creases…
Too too too much!

I must be a good grasshopper and learn all the Yings and Yangs and pushes and pulls and points and creases and much much much more.

And then I will set people’s hair on fire.

I Will Set Your Hair On Fire

Ted told me today that Tai Chi masters can convert their chi into heat. They can harness their chi and aim it an object and the object heats up. So now I want to become a Tai Chi master. My short attention span makes it difficult to do that Tai Chi master meditation thing, but I’m willing to try because I really want to be able to set things on fire. Fire is kewl. Especially when it’s someone’s hair.

And just think what I can do on the road! Forget car-mounted lasers. I could just point my finger at someone’s car and melt chunks of it off!

If you do an AOL

If you do an AOL search on “autopsies” you get a link to this page. How morbid. I found this out because someone searched for this and clicked their way into my page. They must have been quite confused once they got there. I mean, it’s not like they typed “muffin autopsy” into the search box. Well, at least I’m getting some recognition for my muffin research. Anyway, Eh? is currently at the bottom of the first page of hits so just click on that AOL link above and scroll down.

Fierce Sinking Luxury Liners

When I went to print a copy of the fierce grape image one of my coworkers came by and kind of stared at it and wasn’t quite sure what it was. I kept telling him it was a fierce grape and he kept looking at it funny. Finally I held it up for him and he said, “Oh, I was looking at it upside down! I thought it was a sinking luxury liner.” So here it is, the sinking luxury liner grape:

Actually, it looks like a gigantic fierce grape is wrestling the luxury liner to the bottom of the ocean. Just add water!

How Did We Start Talking About Warts?

Okay, someone help me out here. I was in a conversation today that started with something about the “Long ago…” text scroll at the beginning of Star Wars. That was followed by a few exchanges about dizziness and various amusement park rides. The next thing I know, we’re talking about warts. How on earth did we transition into that?

Word of the Afternoon


I can’t give usage examples because it’s not my word. Josepi said “Your blog is blammo!” WOooWOoo, as Pookie would say. Is blammo like blimmo? I guess it would be blimo, since the ‘i’ has to be a long vowel. Okay then, here’s a second word of the afternoon:


Usage examples:
– Josepi’s fierce grape illustration is blimo!
– My new mood indicator thingy is blimo!
– My pissy mood these last couple days is so un-blimo.
– Dude! Blimo!