Without a Care in the World

What’s it like for people who just don’t care? Is it a bad thing because then there would be no motivation to do anything? Or is it a good thing because then there would be no pressure, no worries? Sometimes, I wish I could just not care. If I never cared about anything I’d never be sad, right? But does that also mean I’d never be happy? I couldn’t bear to give that up. That’s what I live for. The people and things that make me happy. And I guess if I didn’t care there’d be nothing and no one to randomly smile about in the middle of the day. Dammit, why can’t I selectively not care? I’d like to care a lot on happy days and not at all on sad days. But then I guess if I were never sad I wouldn’t know what happy was. But sad sucks. Sad really sucks.

My punching bag rocks. I

My punching bag rocks. I can hit it until I can’t even lift my arms and it doesn’t feel a thing. I can hit it with all my might and I know it doesn’t mind. I can hit and kick and tackle it and not hurt its feelings. It just goes back to its original position and lets me hit it some more. And when I get so tired that I can’t hit anymore all I can do is sit there and stare at it and watch it as it stands there looking back at me. It’s not mad at me for hitting it — it just stands there and looks at me and understands. And then I want to get up and give it a big hug and say “thank you for understanding”. But even though I’m too tired to do that it’s okay because it understands that, too. What a good punching bag. What would I do without it?

Speed Limit… You Mean Lower

Speed Limit, Right?

I was driving to work today and I realized that the slowest car on the freeway drives at the speed limit. Everyone else drives above it. So then I thought “hrmm… they don’t always specify whether it’s a maximum or minimum limit”. They might mean it to be a maximum limit, but really it’s a lower limit baseline. The real upper limit is X mphs above the posted number, yes?