I haven’t written about this here, but I’m using my upcoming trip to Costa Rica as a kick in the butt to finally learn Spanish. I’ve been practicing every day since late December, mostly with Duolingo, supplemented with some Spanish learner podcasts.

It’s been really eye opening to see how much Spanish I encounter on a daily basis. It’s encouraging when I read something in a store and realize later that it wasn’t in English. I’ve had lightbulb moments almost every day.

Today’s moment finally prompted me to post. I’ve moved on to trying to watch kid’s shows in Spanish. Naturally, this has led me to YouTube and its comment threads. As I scrolled through comments, I kept noticing jajajas of different lengths. And then it hit me: That’s how you hahaha in Spanish.


Learn Spanish Or Die

There are a couple new flyers up on the bulletin board in the hallway at work. They look somewhat important, as they have sketches of injured people on them. Unfortunately, they’re in Spanish, and I don’t read Spanish. I’m gonna get injured at work and die.

Time To Learn Spanish

On the door at the McDonald’s in San Mateo, there’s a sign with hours posted.

At the top of the sign, it says:


And, in larger font:


Makes me wonder what the default language is inside.

Hey, what’s up with all

Hey, what’s up with all the TV dramas nowadays that have entire scenes in Spanish with no subtitles? Last time I checked English was still the official language around here.

Um, it is, isn’t it?

I guess it’s time to learn. Moo. Oh, and that was en español.

– – –

How do Mexican cows moo anyway?