I’d gone a few days without any spider sightings at home, and I was starting to think the wave of eggy spiders was over. Boy was I wrong! They were lying in wait for me this morning! The biggest one I’ve seen to date was hanging out just inches from my door!

Hrmm, I didn’t actually see it, at least not clearly. It was so big I managed to spot and kill it without my glasses or contacts. Not a very pleasant thing to see 5 seconds after getting up, but I had the routine down: grab paper towel, fold paper towel, grab spider, brace against hard surface, lean into it, pop spider, dispose.

Minutes later (contacts now in), I noticed another fat spider. This one was in the back corner of my room. It was a tricky spot — I had laundry baskets on the floor below and there were other architectural quirks (remember, I live in a strangely constructed in-law unit) that made getting to the spider difficult.

Out came the special hockey stick, reserved for occasions such as this. One whack, and all that was left was a twitching spider stuck to the wall. It was, unfortunately, in the most unreachable of corners. I had to bust out some crazy climbing move to reach it. Go me.

I took pictures, but they didn’t come out. Lucky you.

TV Buddy

I was sitting there watching TV, brownish fuzzy blanket over me to keep warm, and I saw this bit of brownish blanket move at the bottom of my field of vision.

Yup, you guessed it, it was a spider.

I guessed that it was an eggy spider, judging by its size.

Squish. I was right.

Yet Another Spider Post

I spent the whole evening looking for spiders every time I walked around and found none. Then, when I got out of the shower, there was one sitting on the floor waiting for me. Where was it hiding, and why did it finally decide to come out?

They dislike 409, but it doesn’t seem to impair them much. It doesn’t seem to weaken their exoskeleton, either. When I finally popped this one it made a sound like one of those pseudo firecracker things that go “Snap!” when you throw them on the ground.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to start posting sound recordings of spiders popping.

Hooray For Pledge

I asked my aunt if she’s been finding an unusually high number of spiders upstairs. No, she said, but she did clean a bunch of cobwebs out recently… in every part of the house but mine. Maybe that’s what drove all the spiders into my place?

She offered to come down and help me hunt for spiders. I’m sure there are a ton lurking in the closets that are too small for me to use, so I’m going to take her up on that. Maybe this weekend, during the day, so we’ll have plenty of light to see them.

I tried to count how many I’d killed in the last 5 days for her, but I couldn’t. I did, however, kill 2 more during our 5-10 minute phone conversation.

Earlier tonight, I went out and bought myself some lemon Pledge, since it’s rumored to repel spiders. I sprayed some along a windowsill, just as a wee tiny 8-legged thing was headed my way from the glass. It entered the Pledge zone and quickly turned back. Cool. I made sure to Pledge the foot of my bed.

I vacuumed, too. I vacuumed this past weekend, but I went over all the spider hotspots tonight. I ran the hose extension thingy under my bed. I thought I saw a big fat spider like the eggy one I killed last night. I didn’t get a chance to verify, though. Whatever that was, it got sucked into the vacuum a split second later.

When I was little I used to wonder if spiders would grow inside the vacuum. I’m glad that I have one of those vacuums with the whirly see-through compartment. I don’t think a spider could survive the whirl. Phew.

I’m hungry. I sure hope we’re done with spiders for the night.

That’s It, I’m Calling Terminix

EW! Ew ew ew ew ewwww.

I killed a much larger version of the one handed routine kill spider just now.

It popped, it ooooozed, it twitched a little.

“This is one gutsy spider,” I thought.

I figured its inverted guts would make a good addition to my dead spider set on Flickr (I think part of me is posting pictures of squished spider carcasses on the internet out of spider spite), so I brought it under the lamp to take photographs.

That spider was not oozing guts. It was oozing eggs.

I think I’m going to throw up.

What the hell is wrong with this house? Mice, ants, houseflies, and now spiders? Am I messy? Do I not clean? No! I’m a neat freak by a lot of people’s standards! This is so not right!

So, LisaK, to answer your comment to the last post, I don’t think I’ll be sleeping much tonight, for fear of choking to death on spiders.

Speaking of which, I used to date someone who absolutely could not sleep on his back, because he’s been afraid since he was little that a spider would drop into his mouth from the ceiling. I used to think that was silly.

I’ve never been able to sleep on my stomach, but I might be trying that tonight.

I should have taken Liz and Andrea up on their hotel room offer.

A Little Too Routine

One bite into my sandwich, I spied a spider on a nearby door. I grabbed a paper towel, wrapped it around the spider, squished it, and threw it out.

All while keeping my sandwich in my left hand.

It didn’t even twitch. Not even for a feat like that.