If You Weren’t So Dumb, You Wouldn’t Have To Die

My apartment has been, to my knowledge, mouse-free for months now. It was, at least, until last night. As I was sitting in my living room being geeky, I thought I saw a little mouse scamper through the hallway just outside the room. I was busy, so I thought nothing of it and went back to what I was doing.

A little later, from the same geeky spot, I saw another little mouse (it was probably the same one) scamper across the living room. The first little mouse may have been a hallucination, but this one was most definitely real. HELLO, I’M STILL IN HERE! It didn’t even have the courtesy to wait until I’d gone to bed! That does it; the mouse must die.

Out came the snap traps, and the very aromatic jar of natural peanut butter that’s just not quite artificial enough for my liking. I dabbed some pb on the traps, set them out, and this morning had a little dead mouse clipped and flipped over in the hallway. Bye bye, dum dum. Remember not to scamper across God’s fully lit living room in heaven.

The entire hallway smelled of all natural honey peanut butter. What mouse could resist that? What ants could resist that? I quickly put the traps away. I hope I don’t come home to an ant trail in the kitchen.

Spider In My Boots

Pulled my gear out of my Burton bag just now, and there was a dead spider in the boot compartment.

Of all the places to hide! That’s almost as bad as hiding in my hockey bag!

Maybe I should start checking my skates before I put them on.

Microwave Accident

I nuked my lunch earlier today, and when I pulled the container out I saw an ant running around on the outside. I wondered how an ant could have survived 3+ minutes in the microwave. I took a closer look. Oh boy, this little fella did not look right. Where did his body go? I think perhaps it boiled away.

Work Spider

There’s a fat green-beigeish spider trying to figure out how to make a home out of an office sign about 10 feet from my door. I considered killing it, but as long as it stays away from my office I think I’m okay just leaving it alone.

It’s kind of fascinating to watch, actually.

Moving Ants

Yesterday, I discovered ant trails galore in the garage, in the cracks between the paneling. Half of the ants were carrying something, too. Something uniform and off-white.

Ant eggs.

Fortunately, my aunt came home right about the time I figured out that out. I eeked at her and she took care of it. Go auntie!

I wonder where the ants were moving to.

Creepy Crawly Update

As of yesterday, I hadn’t seen any spiders at my place for days. There appeared to be a steady stream of foraging ants in my bathroom and kitchen, though. “Must be ’cause I killed too many spiders,” I thought as I 409’ed them away.

When I got home tonight, the first thing I did was check the kitchen. Not an ant to be found. “Phew,” I thought, followed immediately by, “Ack, what if the spiders are back?”

Sure enough, I found one hanging out on the ceiling in my bedroom.

I think I’ll be sleeping on my stomach tonight.

Maybe I Killed Too Many Spiders

I caught the ants trying to forge a new trail just now.

The last couple days, I’ve noticed random ants wandering around in my bathroom. I knew it was only a matter of time until they decided on a path. When I got out of the shower just now, I saw a bunch of ants on the floor in a line along the wall. They looked like they were trying to communicate with each other. I could almost hear them saying, “This way to the kitchen!”

I 409’ed their collective ass.