Yellow Submarine

“It’s our last cheer of the season,” someone observed before the 3rd period of today’s game, “What should we cheer?”

“Chicharrones tacos!” I said. :-D

“Do we have to roll our ‘r’s?” someone asked.

“I’m not sure I can roll my ‘r’s,” someone else said.

Jen piped up, “How about Yellow Submarine?”

And so our last cheer of the season was “Yellow Submarine.” It’s no “Chicharrones Tacos,” but it’s way better than our 2nd period cheer today. “Five Dollar Footlong!”

Maybe next season I’ll suggest we name our team Chicharrones Tacos.

Right, and we played a game today as well. Everyone’s out of town so we had 3 Maroon subs. They did great! They also did all the scoring. We finished the game tied with the other team. Final score: 2-2.

Beehives… BREAK!

Killer Bunny

At the end of Friday night’s game, my friend the ref skated up to me and told me without telling me to take my bunny off that if a future ref told me to take my bunny off, I’d have to take my bunny off.

This is the direct result of said ref having received an email from the ref coordinator about not allowing non-USA Hockey sanctioned equipment on the ice for insurance purposes, which was the direct result of the ref coordinator having been asked to do so by our league VP, which was the direct result of a board discussion we had about the issue.

I voted away my own bunny. I removed it when I got home. Sorry, bunny. :(

Things weren’t the same after that. We got our bunnyless butts handed to us the next night. Final score: 2-7.


There was a Blue game today that I played, followed by another Blue game that I did not play because I am fragile. (But not injured, which is a very important distinction.)

A couple of our skaters played their last games of the season (and next season, and for one of them at least another season after that) today, so we held a tailgate in the parking lot after to send them off. Good times!

Right, so there was that game that I played. I don’t remember much, except that I played wing and most of my shots went wide of the net. The closest shot hit the post and the puck flew up into the netting. Kind of like the pucks I ricochet into my neighbor’s backyard.

Final score: 1-3.


I got my skates sharpened last weekend.

“I noticed your skate holder is cracked.”

Sweet! I broke a pair of skates! I never thought I’d manage to do that.

I had a backup pair waiting to be put into service, so I brought them to the shop before Tuesday night’s game for sharpening.

Surprise! The shop is closed until Thursday.

What’s the worse that could happen? Laced up my broken skates and played.

I might as well have not played. We got killed!

Final score: 3-8. I feel kind of bad for the goalie. That was her first Blue division game.


We played with a luxurious 11 skaters tonight, which in Blue division is one too many. So I floated through the forward lines. Extra rest for me in a Friday 10 PM game? No problem!

We played the Black Stars tonight. Not officially, of course, but they might as well have been. We had some Black Stars refs tonight, too. Good times all around.

Final score: 2-6. I gave one up against Margie, who managed to score even though I was literally on her. Too much Margie, too little Viv.

After the game I played around with a puck on the open ice. I wanted to try my little toe drag to kick from behind at speed. Turns out I can’t kick at speed, but I can drag the puck up between my legs just fine, then cut left to continue with the puck. It actually reduces the complexity of the move while increasing direction change. Gonna try to pull this off in a game sometime soon. :)


Played my second ever game with Viv and the Beehives today. Apparently I am in charge of our team cheer for the rest of the season so I’d better start getting creative. Led us off with “Beehives!” in the first period. I thought it sounded like “Behinds!” so that’s what we cheered in the second period.

We entered the third period down 1-5, so I decided we should cheer “Win!” to throw off the other team. It almost worked. We finished the game down only one goal. Final score: 4-5.

I scored this game! Picked off a clearing pass and skated it in. Did that look like I was going to pass thing, then snuck one past the goalie on the far side. I love when they square to me on the left.

Viv and the Beehives

3 months into the season, I finally played my first game with my team. We’re called Viv and the Beehives.

Yes, this Viv.

No, I didn’t name us.

We played B3, a.k.a. Kelly’s team. She scored half their goals, as we all expected. Maybe more?

Final score: 2-4. Not that it matters. We actually donated our one of our subs to them to even out the benches for the game. That’s how little we care about winning, and how much we care about having a fun game.

Afterward a bunch of us got together for ice cream. Happy National Ice Cream Day!