Am I Trying To Be An Ass?

I guess I wouldn’t say that I’m trying to be an ass, but my usual “don’t be an ass” filter seems to be failing this week.

You see, what you read here is mostly boring. It’s sanitized. Sometimes it’s funny, but harmlessly so. Most of my wacky thoughts, which are often politically incorrect, insensitive, or potentially inflammatory to one or more of my readers, don’t make it into the blog. They used to, but then I got a little older, a little wiser, and figured I should be a little more proper. I also realized that I have more readers than I meant to. I guess those of you who know me well or have been reading since the early days know that my posts that make you balk are usually done tongue-in-cheek, but there’s a legion of silent readers out there who may not know that, many of whom I see on the ice every weekend. Yes, I know you’re reading. You can stop playing dumb now. Leave a comment once in a while. Show me some blog love.

Back to this being an ass thing. I guess I’m just tired of self-censorship. It feels really good to be able to mockingly threaten tree hippies (okay, fine, environmental activists) or spew impossible thoughts about how the entire clothing industry should cater to me at the inconvenience of couch potato shaped people everywhere. Hell, it feels really good to say “couch potato shaped people”. It makes me grin, even though it may make others frown.

We’ll see how this new liberated blogging thing goes. My guess is, some of you will laugh more, while others will balk in shock, maybe disgust, discuss my improper thoughts with other balkers, and decide I’m a terrible person. I’m a little interested in where the some/others split will fall. Perhaps I should install a blog poll.

Or maybe this experiment will be short-lived. Maybe this bout of blog feistiness will subside and I’ll soon return to boring, politically correct, non-inflammatory, I-care-about-everyone’s-feelings self-censorship.

I guess we’ll see.


I snuck away on a two week vacation without telling most of you. My blog refreshed itself while I was gone, and since it’s set to display only the latest week’s worth of entries, it eventually refreshed itself into a pageful of nothing.

So solly! I was too busy scrambling around getting everything ready for my trip to really think about blogging. I also had to drive down to SoCal Friday for a Saturday wedding and drive back Sunday to return in time for my flight that evening.

Anyhow, I’m back as of this morning. I’m going to try to write up as much of my trip as I can before the reality of work and school hits. Oh, and I played a hockey game this afternoon, so expect a post on that, too.

Phew, the front page isn’t blank anymore.

Call For Fodder

bubka^4 says I’m not blogging enough. Well, I have nothing to say. Want something to read? Give me a topic, and maybe I’ll write about it.

We used to do something like that in English class. Every day when we walked into the classroom there would be a word or a phrase on the chalkboard, and we’d have to write a page in our journals about it. I loved that exercise. I filled four or five journals that year, and continued to keep a journal through college. I still keep a journal, but most of my sharable writing happens here now.

You all have my 12th grade English teacher to thank (or blame, perhaps) for this blog.

Flickr Badged

A little over half a year ago, I wrote some PHP to display thumbnails of the 4 most recent photos in my Flickr Photoblog set. It felt kind of silly to me, because Flickr already had badge functionality. Unfortunately, their badges weren’t styleable. My pixel perfectionist self just couldn’t bear to slap an ill-fitting strip-o-photos on my site.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about tweaking my faux-badge code to display all my latest public photos, not just those in my Photoblog set. I decided to check the Flickr badge generator before doing so, and was pleased to find that (1) I can make a badge that displays all my latest public photos and (2) I can style my badges however I choose.

That was a no-brainer. After a little tweaking here and there, I now have a true Flickr badge in the sidebar. Pixel-for-pixel, it fits just like the faux-badge before it.


Blogroller B-b-busted!

Okay, I think I figured out the mysterious Blogroller bug that ate Jennie’s blog last month.

It just ate Secret Weapon’s blog.

Not to fear! It’ll be back!

It was user (editor) error. If I were smart I’d write a tool to update my config file.

Or add a couple lines to my blogroller code.

Eh, time for bed.

A Better Blogroll (I Hope)

Rewrote the blogroller so it looks for a specific tag in each blog to determine whether a new entry has been made.

It’s now less error prone, but probably more breakable. I’m not really in a mood to account for every little thing that can go wrong, so I’ll just fix as needed.

My Own Private Blogroll

Finally got around to writing a little script that periodically updates my blog linklist over in the sidebar. I was going to use Blogroll, but it doesn’t work for some of the sites on my list.

What it’s supposed to do:

1. Run at 3 hour intervals between 9 AM and 9 PM.
2. Bump sites that have been updated since the last run to the top of the list.

In theory, it works. I haven’t thoroughly tested it yet.

Consider the rest of this week the testing period. If it updates (correctly) once in a while and doesn’t blow up or otherwise mangle the sidebar, consider it released.

– – –

So the 9 AM results are in.

1. I forgot that my host runs on Eastern time.
2. 2 of the 3 bumps are incorrect.
3. 1 of the seemingly incorrect bumps is a one-time post-beta release fix side effect.
4. The other seemingly incorrect bump is… I dunno, LisaK doing testing?

– – –

12 PM results are a little better, but I realize that my current method, while simple, is error prone. Back to the drawing board. In the meantime, I’ll leave the blogroll up, since it’s still better than a static list.

Yes, I’ve sort of hijacked the term “blogroll”. On this site, it means something like, “rolling list of blog links”. I guess it’s not exactly rolling. I need a catchy term for, “periodically updated list of blog links”. BlogPULL?

Hey, I kinda like that. It’s punny, too, in more than one way. Ooh!