Blogroller Maintenance Blows

That there blogroller in the sidebar, it’s a pain to maintain. I wrote it before every blog published a feed, but now that RSS is ubiquitous, I no longer find it worth my while to manually update to the configuration file every time someone changes their site, blogging application, or template. Plus, parsing does not always happen smoothly since the HTML varies so much from blog to blog. Troubleshooting that is also a pain. A part of me wants to kill the blogroller altogether, and a part of me wants to rewrite it to check feeds instead.

More likely, I’ll just work on it as part of the site overhaul. This place is due for a change, from the database all the way up.

That’s gonna be a lot of work.

Date Format Boo

Why, Twitter? Why did you just go and change your api date format out of the blue and break my parser? Now all my Twitter badge updates read “Date undefined, undefined @ undefined”. That, after all the cross-browser work I did to parse your last nonstandard date format. I boo at you. Boo, Twitter, boo!

I have to say, though, the “undefined undefined, undefined @ undefined” in IE makes me chuckle.

Twitter Badge

I just replaced the way too manual no history sidebar status check with a customized Twitter badge. I had to write some browser specific JavaScript for date parsing, and since it’s been tested only on Firefox, IE, and Epiphany, I would very much appreciate if you could tell me if the date appears in a format NOT like “May 15, 2007 @ 19:45:22” on your browser. OS, browser, browser version, and a copy of what you see in lieu of the desired date format would be really helpful.

Also, I currently don’t have anything special to handle Twitter timeouts. If their service continues to be as flaky as it has been, I’ll either write something to handle it or remove the badge until reliability improves. Again, please let me know if it’s hanging a lot and bugging you. Otherwise, I’ll just assume everything’s fine.

I’m finding this Twitter thing more addictive than blogging. Whoa.

Five Reasons Why I Blog

I got tagged by Melsybo. Hello, Bo sister!

1. Because Patling told me to, late one night almost 6 years ago.
2. Online memory bank. Hooray for search!
3. Because all the cool kids do it. I want to be just like them!
4. Write once, view anywhere. Better coverage and less intrusive than e-mails.
5. Because sometimes I just need to blah blah blah blah blah…

This Post Brought To You By Alt-S

Given how much I blog and how little I mouse, I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to writing some Greasemonkey keyboard shortcuts for Movable Type. It took all of 5 minutes, and now I have the functionality I’ve always wanted.

There’s nothing like procrastination to help random things get done. Thanks, school!

Sneakiness Is Evil, Isn’t It?

Did anyone notice that what Blogger did with their recent update is really the same thing as what Flickr did with the Yahoo! account merge? They’re just more sneaky with their phrasing. I entered my Google info and then next thing I knew my accounts were being merged.

I guess they learned from Flickr that if you state your intentions more people will scathingly bitch about you. Better to just trick everyone into merging.

Welcome To My Journey Of Self-Discovery

bubka^4: one thing you could do
bubka^4: is post such things under a “humor” category
SoopahViv: but sometimes it’s subtle
SoopahViv: it’s one line in a non-humorous post
SoopahViv: i feel that doesn’t warrant a category label
bubka^4: that’s true
bubka^4: perhaps a [ subtle joke goes here ] would do it
SoopahViv: but then it’s not subtle anymore
SoopahViv: part of why i like it enough to write it is its subtlety
SoopahViv: the people who get it will find it funnier for its subtlety
SoopahViv: but then those who don’t will just think i’m an ass

SoopahViv: i think the problem here is
SoopahViv: i don’t want people to think i’m an ass
SoopahViv: if i can just let that go, i’d be fine
SoopahViv: hrm
SoopahViv: maybe i am an ass
SoopahViv: and i’m in denial
bubka^4: hahaha
bubka^4: maybe that’s the root of the problem!
SoopahViv: that would explain so much!
bubka^4: this is why blogs are great
bubka^4: they are a journey of self-discovery!
SoopahViv: ain’t that the truth
bubka^4: all this time everyone else knew you were an ass
bubka^4: and through the miracle of blogging, finally, you can join the party
SoopahViv: no they didn’t, i was filtering it
SoopahViv: but now they all know
SoopahViv: and now they all know that i know too
SoopahViv: ’cause i’m posting this

So there it is, I’m an ass. No need to try.