Geeky Productivity

The blog’s up for the most part. I’m currently working on Bug 5: Archive links are broken. I nuked the OS on my desktop last night, installed a slightly more legit version of XP, and finally got up to date on service packs. Today, reinstall all the apps I need, set up e-mail, and migrate data.

I had thought that when Doug left for Germany I’d be cycling through movies in the Netflix queue, but all I’ve watched so far is Pumping Iron, and I multitasked through that while I worked on my blog!

*Puts on glasses and pocket protector and gets back to work.*

Sorry If I’m Boring You

Do people who are neither technical nor hockey loving really care about half the things I write in this blog?

Then again, does anyone really care about any of the things I write in this blog?

If it weren’t for work boredom I bet I’d have, like, one reader.


Maybe my alter ego, too.

I know, I’m not making any sense.

I probably sound like I’m talking to myself.

Anyway, I’d have, like, two readers.

Except when my alter ego goes on vacation.

Then I’d be back down to one.

I guess that’s better than none.


Fan Mail Please

+2 to make it CDT

Okay you guyses, Didi gets fan mail. Her blog’s an interactive experience. Don’t you guys have something to say? Something to ask me? Something aside from “Viv you’re so cool and I want to be just like you”? Yes, I appreciate the fan mail but enough already!

You’re thinking, “Fan mail? What fan mail?” Exactly. Sniff sniff.

So write me with some blog fodder, will ya? Pleeeeease?


Could it be? Is this page now AvantGo enabled? AvantGo subscribers, you tell me. Yes, that would be all one of you. And me. So that’s two of us. And anyone else who has a PDA I don’t know about. And anyone I don’t know about who has a PDA. Whoever you are, click on the above link and let me know if it really works!

Here I am, writing in

Here I am, writing in my new “Spring Fresh” blog. “Spring Fresh”? Why not “Fall Stink”? For some reason I’m having trouble typing the word “Spring”. It always comes out as “Sprint”. Must be all the whining I’ve been doing over their sub-par (sub-sub-par) system. Stoopid Sprint. Grrr… More on them later.