Went to Coi last night for Aaron’s birthday dinner. I’m pretty sure one of their two Michelin stars was awarded entirely for the service.

That, and the ~20 pieces of silverware we each used over the course of the meal.

Now that I think about it, I feel kind of bad. We’re in a drought!

Just kidding. Would eat again!


I made rugelach today, then thought about the ingredients. Allergic to something? Don’t eat this. It’s full of gluten, dairy, nuts, and chocolate. And fat. And sugar.

Tastiness, tastiness, tastiness, tastiness, tastiness, and tastiness.

Warm Beefy Ice Cream

Aaron and I had the super fancy omakase at Nobu tonight. Since I generally try not to touch my phone at nice meals, I joked that I needed to get all mystery Michelin reviewer and remember every detail of everything we ate so I could write about it later.

I am low on details, but I made myself remember this: Toro sashimi topped with caviar and 24 karat gold flakes. There was also a sauce and some micro greens, but I don’t remember those details because, um, toro plus caviar plus 24 karat gold flakes.

I also made myself remember “Yamamomo”, which is an adorable name for the Japanese Mountain Peach.

Finally, a couple #TILs:
1. There are different grades of Wagyu.
2. Grade A5 melts in your mouth… like ice cream. Warm beefy ice cream.

Cookie Crumble Donut

Coworker: Which do you like better, cookies or donuts?
Me: Both! I like both!
Coworker: But if you had to choose…
Me, to Philz guy: What kind of donut is that?
Philz guy: It’s a cookie crumble donut.

Cookie Crumble Donut

Viv and the Beehives

3 months into the season, I finally played my first game with my team. We’re called Viv and the Beehives.

Yes, this Viv.

No, I didn’t name us.

We played B3, a.k.a. Kelly’s team. She scored half their goals, as we all expected. Maybe more?

Final score: 2-4. Not that it matters. We actually donated our one of our subs to them to even out the benches for the game. That’s how little we care about winning, and how much we care about having a fun game.

Afterward a bunch of us got together for ice cream. Happy National Ice Cream Day!


I was served pickled golden beets at a couple fancy-ish restaurants this month. I liked them, and decided to make my own.

A++++++++++++++ WOULD PICKLE AGAIN!!!

Sous Vide Brinner

A little over 2 1/2 years ago, I built a sous vide controller at a workshop.

That’s me in the green shirt. April, Cal, and Susan are in there too.

I wired the controller into an extension cord so I could plug my deep fryer into it. I added a little hook to hang it off the side of the GranPappy, then set off to find some fresh eggs to test it.

Unfortunately, the Sunnyvale farmer’s market egg stand chickens were on strike.

Fast forward two years. I decided it was time to try this doohickey again. Set it up, turned it on, and got wacky temperature readings all over the place. Ordered an air pump. When it arrived, I packed it away into the GranPappy.

Two days ago, Aaron walked in with some eggs. “The neighbors’ chickens escaped again,” he said, “I chased them back home and they gave me some eggs.”

Fresh eggs! Time to sous vide!

Referenced this handy dandy egg chart, decided on 62.5 °C for 45 minutes, and… GO!!!

DIY Sous Vide

At minute 44 I decided I wanted slightly more cooked whites, so I added another 15 minutes at 63.5 °C. When the hour was up, I nommed.

Best Brinner Evar

Sous vide brinner is goooood.

What’s next? Now that I have the proven power of sous vide in my kitchen I want to use it for everything!