Cap’n Crunch Berry Cereal Milk Ice Cream

On our ice cream crawl a couple months ago, I had a scoop of Cap’n Berry Crunch strawberry ice cream. I loved it, and was inspired to make something similar.

Last week, Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries cereal was on mega sale at Safeway, so I brought a box home. It was a sign! I read up on cereal milk ice cream in my Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook, then set out to make my ice cream mashup.

Cap’n Crunch Berry Cereal Milk Ice Cream. It’s real, and it’s in my freezer.

Work Kitchen


Walk into work kitchen. Coworker is making an Nespresso. Once complete, she pours the shot into a cup of Nutella ice cream she just bought from the nitrogen ice cream place down the street.


Walk into work kitchen. Coworker declares, “It’s time for ice cream!” and hands me a Reese’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cup Bar.


Walk into work kitchen. I do this a lot. Even when there is no ice cream.

Viv and the Beehives

3 months into the season, I finally played my first game with my team. We’re called Viv and the Beehives.

Yes, this Viv.

No, I didn’t name us.

We played B3, a.k.a. Kelly’s team. She scored half their goals, as we all expected. Maybe more?

Final score: 2-4. Not that it matters. We actually donated our one of our subs to them to even out the benches for the game. That’s how little we care about winning, and how much we care about having a fun game.

Afterward a bunch of us got together for ice cream. Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Oh Cone-ada!

I asked Aaron to send me one picture per day while on his super awesome Whistler bike trip. So far, all I’ve gotten is pictures of food.

Today’s picture:

To which I replied:

Oh, Cone-ada
Our home needs you on hand
True creamy love, the best in all the land
With glowing hearts we see the rise
The true king of ice cream
From far and wide
Oh Cone-ada, we stand on guard for thee
God keep our pints in a state of freeze
Oh Cone-ada, we stand on guard for thee
Oh Cone-ada, we stand on guard for thee

Every ice cream deserves its own anthem.

30×9 Week 1

One week down. I’ve managed to go to bed before midnight every day, although that did include five nights of jumping into bed around 11:59 PM. I also haven’t had any ice cream. Some small sweets after dinner, yes, but no half pints of Ben & Jerry’s right before bed.

I feel great. Perhaps it’s mental, but it doesn’t matter why I feel great, just that I feel great. That was the point of this thing.

I’ve also lost 3.5 pounds in the last week. That may be because I’ve done something exercisey every day this week, but still, that was not point of this thing. Need to eat more dinner.

This reminds me of when my favorite Zambeedo flavor went away in 2008. I stopped eating ice cream altogether and lost a bunch of weight.

Creme de Mango Zambeedo, I still miss you!

30×9 Begin

I need a little more discipline. There’s nothing like a 30 Days to force myself to follow some rules.

For the next 30 Days, I will:

1. Go to bed before midnight.
2. Not eat dessert after dinner.

My motivations are pretty simple. I’ve been going to bed Way Too Late these last few weeks. I’ve also been eating Way Too Much ice cream, no thanks to Safeway’s $2.49 a pint sale on Ben & Jerry’s last month. I feel crappy. This has to stop.

To be more specific, the goal is to try to be asleep by midnight, but I’ll allow jumping into bed at 11:59 PM if necessary. I’m also allowed to eat whatever I want for dinner, and much of it as I want. But no dessert. No snacks, either. Just dinner, dinner, and more dinner if I’m still hungry.

Here’s to feeling less crappy.

You Are What You Eat

Unfortunately, ice cream is “slow food”.

My realization that I need to train for my races, along with just having played my first real Black Stars game of the season, has me thinking about nutrition. I think it’s time to start my 3rd annual ice cream elimination diet. More dinner instead of 300-400 calories in ice cream every night. I’d be starting about a month earlier than usual, and this year the season ends a month later than usual. Will I be able to go dessert-free for almost four months? Probably not, but I should at least start so I break my nightly habit, then adjust as necessary.

And don’t say, “Oh, you’ll burn it off.” (You know who you are. Oh wait, it’s all of you.) This is not a calorie diet; I intend to eat the same number of calories each day. I’ll just be allocating the 20 percent I save for ice cream to something more nutritious. This is about putting good fuel into my body so I don’t feel like a pint of Chubby Hubby when I’m burning it off.

– – –

Update: 2012-01-15 @ 10:02 AM

I think the trick to breaking my nightly ice cream habit is to stock up on a few candies I really like and eat one piece at the end of the night. That way I still feel like I’m getting a treat, but it has a lot less impact on my overall food intake.

Not that I don’t enjoy the nutritious food I eat. I’m just wired to need dessert before bed, and this is a way to wean myself. If you’re wondering why I don’t just eat a smaller serving of ice cream, that’s because it will just leave me wanting more. And then I’ll have more. And then I’ll feel like Chubby Hubby.

Bring Back CdM!

Did my usual hopeful spin through the Whole Foods ice cream section today and found… ZAMBEEDO!! I was so excited to see that they weren’t dead. Unfortunately, all I found were flavors of the new Fruit Boost gelato. No Creme de Mango. I even made sure to search the entire freezer section.

I bought a pint of the mango gelato anyway. The last time I tried it, I didn’t like it because it tasted like Creme de Mango gone wrong. I was also put off because despite being labeled as more healthy, it contained significantly more calories than CdM. Less tastiness and more calories? No thanks.

This time, it still tasted like funny CdM, but it was still better than all the other mango ice creams available on the market. Believe, me, I have tried a LOT of mango ice creams since CdM went away.

So, what to do? Get used to this new funny tasting CdM imposter? I’ve made many batches of mango ice cream since CdM went away. I’ve actually gotten close to replicating its awesomeness in the latest batches. The texture was a bit off, but now that I’ve finally located some guar gum perhaps I can finally get it right.

Akshaye, if you’re reading this, please please pretty please bring back Creme de Mango!