Drive-Through Starbucks

On my way into school today, I stopped by the Starbucks on California Circle for a latte. There was no line inside, but because I’d never been through a Starbucks drive-through, I stayed in my car and spent 10 minutes waiting behind 4 cars.

It was worth it. Drive-through lattes taste better.

Really, they do.

Peanut Milk

They had a new beverage in the company cafeteria today.


Peanut milk! I love anything with peanuts! I bought one.

I looked at the bottle. “Signs & Wonders”? I figured it was some new agey thing.

It had a web address on the back:

“We acknowledge God Almighty as the Head of this company.”


“For more information, please visit:,

Double wow.

Thanks to God Almighty, this drink has been blessed with the power to cure hangovers, migranes, crucified hands, boost sexual energy, and even make hair grow.

I took a couple sips and decided I didn’t like it, but Vinny drank half the bottle. I will monitor him for changes. If he comes in energetically glowing tomorrow, I’ll go buy myself a case and chug it.

Me, At McD’s?!

Stopped by McDonald’s for a drink after EWH today. I ordered a large soda, $1.69 on their menu. The guy behind the counter asked if I’d like the Super Size soda on their Dollar Menu instead. I ended up with an extra large for $1.07. I don’t understand fast food pricing sometimes. Nonetheless, thanks McD’s counter guy!

The other nice thing about getting a drink at McDonald’s is the fact that they carry Light Minute Maid Lemonade now, which means I can make calorie free teamonade. Oh, how I love teamonade. 32 ounces of it, no less!

Yes, I’m lovin’ it.

Crack Boba In My Hood

Eggettes, home of the only boba I like enough to consume (a.k.a. crack boba), is opening a new shop up the street from where I live.

1. I’m excited.
2. I’m scared.
3. I hope the slightly uphill walk to the shop will be enough to keep me from turning into a human boba.

Hrmm, I’d end up looking kind of like Stinkoman’s hands in that banner up top.


I feel sleep deprived terrible today. I don’t think caffeine does anything for me, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to consume a lot of it… just in case it does. “What’ll it be?” I thought, “Coffee or tea?” Then I remembered Jennie’s post on the topic and our subsequent comment exchange about trying a coffee/tea blend.

I went downstairs, steeped a standard teabag in 4 ounces of hot water, added another 4 ounces or so of coffee, 2 packets of sugar, and, since there was no fatty dairy left, a splash of 2% milk.

It tastes like… coffee plus tea? Nothing special. It’s just funny flavored tea with a mostly coffee aftertaste. I don’t think I like it any more or less than either one alone.

What I really need is to go for a walk, perhaps to the nearby gas station, where I can pick up some chocolate. Mmm… chocolate.