It Seems Weird To Be Pleased With Starbucks

Went to Starbucks for the first time in a couple months this morning. It was already pretty warm out when I arrived, so I decided to give their new Vivanno a try. Banana chocolate, with a shot of espresso. 270 calories with 6 grams of fiber and 21 grams of protein. Not bad! Tasted pretty good, too.

While their ridiculously cheery and helpful baristas perpared my drink, I browsed a few of their pamphlets at the condiment bar and found one with detailed nutritional information for what looked to be all of their drinks. I was pleased. Jamba needs to publish a portable one of those.

And finally, I left with a “Treat Receipt”, which is essentially a receipt with a stamp on it that says, “Bring this in after 2 p.m. today and get any grande cold drink for just $2 (plus tax).” At first, I thought it was just a clever ploy to get people to consume more Starbucks (which it is), but then I thought, you know, I just might come back before my game this evening…

Happy Knees!

La la, rode 35.3 miles today and not a peep from either of my knees. They felt great, and even asked for 50 miles. Too bad my legs felt like ass. That probably had something to do with the dim sum I ate before the ride; it left my stomach feeling grumpy, and when the stomach is grumpy, the rest of the body usually follows. Nonetheless, we did consider going for the half century toward the end of the ride. Although I figured I could probably squeeze another 15 miles out of my legs, we didn’t have enough sun left to cover that distance. Just as well; I’d eaten half an energy bar during the ride and my stomach wasn’t liking it. We picked up some cheese at Andronico’s and headed home.

Good news! I set a new weekly distance record: 72.4 miles. It was actually pretty easy, since I commuted by bike to and from Milpitas on Monday, which started my week off with 26 miles. Too bad I’m losing my bike commute starting next week; San Ramon is too far to ride. (At least for now…)

When I got home, I treated myself with some recovery Ovaltine. I picked some up today on a rare visit to 99 Ranch. The jar’s got Chinese characters on it and everything. Awh wah teen, mmm goy!

Lazy Workplace Coffee Drinkers

At work, I drink about one cup of coffee a day. Given that, it seems disproportionate that I brew, on average, three gallons of the stuff in a week. Why? Because usually when I go to get coffee there’s none left.

Whatever. More fresh coffee for me.

Coca-Cola BlaK

You’ve probably seen it in stores. Coke effervescence with coffee essence!

I tried it today. Wanna know what I think?

I think it should be renamed to Coca-Cola BlaH.