30×28 Wrap

I left things hanging with 30×28 Day 22. I’ll be to the point about it: I quit.

I quit because I decided the pain of smacking myself with the yo-yo wasn’t worth the reward of learning how to slack. I’m generally stubborn about not quitting until I master something, but damaging my hands was not okay. I kind of need those.

As I thought about writing this post yesterday, I picked up the DV888. Did some trapeze, mounts, and brain scramblers without any trouble. I was happy I hadn’t forgotten how to do those tricks, given that I only spent a few weeks working on it. Muscle memory FTW!

If you’re wondering why I’m wrapping 30×28, it’s because 30×29 is coming. Ooh, so excites!

30×28 Day 22

How am I so busy? This is the most dragged out 30 Days evar.

After declaring I suck at Slack Trapeze and deciding to move on to something different, I cleaned and oiled the scarily surprisingly responsive DV888 and… figured out how to do the trick. That thing I was doing with my left index finger, turned out it was just a matter of hand placement on the flip.

This was last weekend. We’ll see if I still remember how to do it.

30×28 Day 21

I’ve kind of randomly practiced here and there since Day 20, so I think I can roll all that random practice into Day 21. Here’s summary: I suck at Slack Trapeze. Throwing the string correctly is hard, and keeping the yo-yo spinning after catching the string is hard, and on top of all that I’m doing something weird with my left index finger that winds the string a full revolution along the x-axis (if you’re looking at it from my perspective).

I think I’ll move on to a different trick for a bit.

30×28 Day 20

Death cough means no exercise means time to practice yo-yo. I’m understanding Slack Trapeze more and catching the string on the yo-yo with a slightly higher success rate, but not maintaining the plane of the yo-yo tossing it back over. I think that’s due in part to a crooked throw, not enough spin, and a crooked toss back over. All n00b issues.

Studied the video some more to help with hand and finger position. That can use some fine tuning as well.

30×28 Day 19

I practiced today. Worked a bunch on Slack Trapeze while following #JohnScottAllStar‘s rise to #JohnScottMVP. Managed to do it a few times, switched back and forth between yo-yos, whacked the knuckles on my left hand a few times when the DV888 surprise returned.

I’ll take knuckles over face.

No video today, but I did consider taking some bruised knuckle pictures. Left hand is colorful!

You shoulda seen the other guy?

30×28 Day 18

No, I did not give up on this 30 Days. I got busy with work, then with travel for hockey, then with being sick. I’m still sick, but it’s the weekend and I’m home and I have time to yo-yo again.

I picked up the Velocity and ran through all the tricks I’ve learned so far. It felt foreign and familiar at the same time. Weird. Ran through the tricks on the DV888 after that. Didn’t smash any fingers. Win!

I made this video the day after Day 17, but before the big hiatus.

Yes, I know my face matches the murder cat.

Today, reentry. Tomorrow, something new!

30×28 Day 17

A weekend of NFL playoffs a was just what I needed to get some decent yo-yo time in.

Here, a slightly better set of Barrel Rolls:

They look less forced, feel less forced, and the reduction in force results in a longer spin as well. That, and the fact that I’m starting to figure out what kills spin. It’s that whole planes and alignment thing again.

Came across this photo on Facebook today:

That’s how this 30 Days feels. Others, too, but this one in particular because it hurts to screw up.

Finally, I made an Eli Hop video, but lighting was teh sux, so we’ll have to wait until I wake up early enough to make one before work.

30×28 Day 16

I’d been feeling pretty discouraged this past week, mostly because I feel time pressured when most of my day is spent working. I like working, but it makes 30×28 progression difficult.

Today I practiced on and off between working on things at home, going to the gym, and watching football. I actually enjoyed practicing, appreciated each yo-yo for its characteristics, and felt like I was playing as I worked on things. I’m learning how to do more playful Barrel Rolls and have started in on Eli Hops.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have made enough progress on Eli Hops for a video. For now, just enjoying some carefree practice time.

30×28 Day 15

I’ve skipped enough days for January to catch up to my head start. Didn’t do any practicing yesterday, although I did flip through a few tricks online. Wasn’t particularly motivated to yo-yo, perhaps because my hands hurt. Practiced some when I got home this evening, but mostly to review the tricks I’ve learned, since I haven’t actually practiced them enough to master them. Took a while to succeed at all of them again. Will probably spend more time getting more comfortable with those and getting better at throws before trying to learn another trick.

30×28 Day 14

“How many hours a day do you spend practicing?” Aaron asked.

“It depends on the day,” I replied. Since I bailed on the gym tonight, I had plenty of time to practice my Barrel Rolls:

It could definitely be smoother, but it’s vastly better than the zero rolls I was managing most of last night.

Also, a bonus:

Not sure what I’ll work on tomorrow. Maybe more Barrel Rolls. Maybe not.