Advantages of Taxodermy

1. No meowing at 5 in the morning because they expect to be fed.
2. No chewing of crinkly plastic items in the middle of the night.
3. No barfing all over everything when they’re upset.
4. No cat hair all over your stuff.
5. No hiding of your most precious items.
6. No knocking over of whatever you’re drinking.


I’m on the first morning

I’m on the first morning of this blogging thing and already things are getting out of hand. I just spent my morning gym time redoing the layout for this thing. Is this the end? Am I going to waste away into nothing as a blogger? No, wait, I won’t waste away. I’ll balloon into a tub of lard doing this blogging thing. Blub blub blub.

You know what irks me? My DarkOrange font just isn’t the same shade of orange as the Blogger logo. No, make that, the Blogger logo just isn’t the same shade of orange as my DarkOrange font! Dammit. But at least they had the good sense to use orange.

Here I am, writing in

Here I am, writing in my new “Spring Fresh” blog. “Spring Fresh”? Why not “Fall Stink”? For some reason I’m having trouble typing the word “Spring”. It always comes out as “Sprint”. Must be all the whining I’ve been doing over their sub-par (sub-sub-par) system. Stoopid Sprint. Grrr… More on them later.