Pineapple Sound

One of my hockey friends posted a short video of a teammate dressed as a pineapple skating around.

I watched it, because who doesn’t love pineapples?

The pineapple turned. The ice crunched under its skates.

I miss that sound.

That sound takes me back to the rink, to all the hours I spent learning my edges, getting comfortable with them, trusting them, and the first time I heard it from under my own skates.

It’s the sound of working hard at something nonintuitive and scary, pushing through your fears of falling, trying, adjusting, trying again, and finally hearing the tiniest of crunches, hope. You just might figure out how to do this.

It’s the sound of improvement, as it becomes louder and more sustained.

It’s the sound of awesome, when it becomes, simply, how you skate.

I’m thankful for this sound, and everything it’s taught me about potential, perseverance, and self-confidence.

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