Month of Intense Studying

A couple months ago, sensei asked if I would be interested in joining the performance team. Wowowow yes!!! Except I didn’t know entire parts of any of the performance songs.

A couple weeks ago, we finished working through a section of a song in o-daiko class. “Now we’ve done all parts of Yatai.”

Last week, I received an email requesting availability for a performance at a Japanese Culture Festival in early October. Yes! Except I don’t know any performance songs well enough?

This week, we received our songs and assignments. I’m playing o-daiko (with solo parts) for the song I just finished learning (still a giant jumble of beats in my head) and holding down first drum for the song my chu-daiko class learned last year (omgdontmessthisup).

After a few minutes of “Ahhhhh!!!”, I told Aaron about it.

Me: minor freak out
Me: followed by a month of intense studying
Aaron: Sensei thinks you can handle it
Me: that’s a good point
Me: i feel better
Me: thanks
Me: still going to do a month of intense studying

… and all the other things I have scheduled this month. Ready, steady, GO!


  1. Nobody better to do this thing than you. You’ll be awesome.

  2. When and where are you performing? And can we come?

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