Hulk Smash Happy Dance

Two things from o-daiko class last night.

Thing one: I realized partway through our right-right-left-left slow-fast repeat-repeat-repeat-faster drill that the secret to hitting hard isn’t just a full backswing and a throw-and-extend into the drum face. It’s using our core.

Oh. Duh.

Seriously. Duh.

Have I not been playing sports my entire life? How do I not know to start with this in everything I do?

Thing two: I finally bought my own set of o-daiko bachi. They feel solid and powerful! After hitting with it for less than an hour, I cracked the tip.

It’s not quite as spectacular as the one I split in two at my first class, but I can at least claim full responsibility for this one.

I’m quite enjoying my giant bachi smashing track record right now.


  1. What exactly are those drumheads made from? 0.o

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