Full Helicopter

There were only 4 of us at middle-of-the-long-weekend o-daiko class last night, which meant we got no rotation breaks. No rotation = Learn lots of stuff!

My sideways stance right arm helicopter with left arm tail spin is functional now. I can definitely refine my form some more, but I’m happy I no longer look at the move with amused bewilderment.

I’m also much better at this series of moves, which I shall henceforth refer to as the Benihana double chop. Because it’s that fancy.

In the middle of class, I discovered we’re learning not one, but two songs right now. This, after sensei spent 9 minutes teaching us a set of phrases that took an hour to teach in Tuesday class. Turns out there’s an o-daiko part of that song. I would have been so confused if we hadn’t already learned it on chu-daiko.

I’m dialing my stance in some more. I realized after many demos that my rear leg doesn’t have to be straight like in a yoga warrior. This gives me a lot more movement to play with and eases the intense hip flexor stretch.

Monday morning status: Tired but not can’t-lift-my-arms exhausted like when I first started. Progress!

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