I’m still trying find an o-daiko position that works for me. How far apart do I stand? How far back do I put my right foot? How much do I arch my back? Not comfortable yet. Far from it.

Some adjustments and reminders from sensei this past Sunday:

  • sink down for power
  • the bachi strike in a semi-open flying V (not parallel like in chu-daiko)
  • my hands are a good several inches from the daiko when the bachi contacts the drum face
  • strike the middle of the drum face or higher

My classmate had a helpful comment during the break. I’m so busy trying to figure out big things like stance and arm motion that I haven’t paid any attention to my wrist. I think a lot about my wrist in chu-daiko; when I move I want everything to flow.

In o-daiko, I’m probably still doing awkward stabby motions. I really have no idea. All I know is, I’m not flowing… yet. I’m super grateful for the feedback.

This week’s class incorporated acoustic modulation by striking different parts of the drum face. Again, this is a lot for me to process. But I get it, and it’s an interesting challenge.

Also, more showy arms! And more yelling. Some of the yelling is part of the piece. There’s also just straight up AHHHHHH!!! because omigosh my arms feel like they’re going to fall off.

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