30×30 Day 6

Flew into Boston today to visit my folks. Interacting with Penny is my way of contributing to the world. It takes a lot to be mindful of how you act and react with a little one.

My sister picked me up from the airport and told me on the way to the house that Penny had been getting frustrated playing Osmo. She gets frustrated when she doesn’t know the answer to something right away, and I found myself thinking about how to teach and instill grit.

At the very least: How do we make something frustrating fun, or at least make it doable, to get to the point where things start clicking and become fun?

So that was my contribution today. I played Osmo with Penny and tried different things with her when she got stuck. Eventually, “I’ll do half, and you do half,” helped break complex problems into ones she understood, and we breezed through a few at the end.

Tomorrow, more Osmo!

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