At o-daiko class today, we did a new pattern where instead of stretching up on the backswing, we extended our right arm out and to the side, low, and then swung the bachi back up for a strike whilst crossing our left arm to the right and leaning our body left to make space. This was followed by a series of left and right arm crossover strikes, followed by a hard left handed strike while stabbing 45 degrees behind us with our right arm parallel to the ground, followed by a conversion back to a series of hard overhead strikes.

I swear, it was way less confusing than described. But there are a lot of fine movements in there that I know I’m not doing yet, because when you’re concerned about not smashing your left hand with a giant bachi, you’re probably not leaning your body as far as you should be.

I *think* I’m getting better at being low and leaned back and not letting my arms drop too much even when they’re really really tired.

Right now they’re really really tired.

This means they’re gonna be really really strong someday, right?


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