I’ve known this for a few weeks, but because I was sooo excited about it and never imagined I’d get to do it, I didn’t want to talk about it until it became reality.

Now it’s reality: I was invited to join the o-daiko class this year. Tonight was my first class.

That doesn’t sound like sooo excited, but maybe that’s because I’ve been excited beyond words.

So how did it go?

I knew going into it that this would be hard, but this class was HARD. The stance (right hip flexor and right foot), the back arch, the arms up in the air the entire time. I used my water bottle to roll out my hip flexor during the break. And my left shoulder? Very obviously not as strong as the right.

There is going to be a lot of rolling and massage in my future.

Because the class was mostly returning students, we went pretty fast. Sensei spent the first half hour tweaking our form, and after that we launched right into segments of one of our main pieces. We even did showy arms and foot adjustments and opposite stance tonight.

I guess he thinks we can handle it.

I guess I think he’s right. We’ve got this.

Before I go, one more first: I broke my first bachi! An o-daiko bachi at my first o-daiko class. I felt it split in my hand as I hit. I looked at the pieces in my hand, then showed sensei. He gave a big smile, which I interpreted as, “Heck yeah!!”

I don’t know why I’m so thrilled about this. Probably because I’m little and don’t manage to hulk smash things very often. It took me years to break my first hockey stick.

I got to keep the bachi as a souvenir, so I decided to document it. For posterity!

Update: 2019-03-11 @ 9:37 AM

Some notes on technique, so I don’t forget.

– Stance is something like a diagonal warrior.
– Front foot is close to the base of the daiko stand.
– Upper body leaned back.
– Chin down. Look at the bottom of the daiko, not the middle.
– Straight arm up, bachi behind back, extend to strike.
– Never drop elbow.
– Sink down on the strikes, drive into the face of the daiko.


  1. Woohoo! Play music, break stuff!

  2. Oh, just realized – Play drums, fight vampires! I see Netflix all over this. Traveling group of drummers by day, vampire hunters by night.

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