Juggling Season

We had just enough of a break in the rain after dim sum today for a stroll through Central Park. Jerry the Juggler was there! I hadn’t see him in months, because winter.

He asked how my juggling was going. I haven’t been juggling much, so we reviewed my 4-ball toss and Mills Mess. I came away with a few things to practice.

For 4-ball:

(1) A “3.5” ball pattern in the middle, at the same height as 4-ball, to practice consistency. Its kind of like a centralized 423 or W.

(2) A high reverse cascade, at the same height as 4-ball, also to practice consistency.

For Mills Mess, we fixed my oddly shaped 1-2-3 throw. My homework is to do it left-to-right, then right-to-left. Back and forth, back and forth. When that feels good, add the 4th throw, then another, and another.

Spring is coming. I’m excited for juggling season to begin!

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