Parallel Parallel Parallel

After doing some left vs. right air drumming in front of a mirror last week, my other-side-of-the-daiko derpy arms were less derpy last night. Deliberate practice FTW!

I also have a new mantra when drumming really fast, from either side: Parallel-parallel-parallel-parallel-parallel!!! I want my bachi moving parallel to each other, and in line with the angle of the daiko.

Unrelated to arms, a stance breakthrough! I finally realized that getting my feet wide wasn’t enough; I need to consider the angle of my ankles, knees, and hips as well. (Or, if you prefer, my shin and my thighs.) I finally realized that sensei’s stance during our warmup stretches is how he stands when he demos during class. I tried this out during the class and it made a huge difference in being able to maintain a wide, low stance with my upper body straight.

I’m happy I have bandwidth for fine tuning now.

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