Nerd Heaven

Stopped by SF Japantown this afternoon to purchase the following stamp, which I discovered last Monday and didn’t realize I had to buy until I described it to Aaron later that evening:

It’s a girl wielding a hatchet riding a bear wearing a shirt with my last name on it.

It’s also my new signature stamp.

As I exited the stamp store I came across a yo-yo tricks gathering. These guys (and gal) were really good! Some of them were tricking while having conversations, not really looking at what they were doing.

They were standing in front of Aube Creamery, a soft serve place I wanted to try. The verdict? It is hands down the smoothest soft serve I have ever had. Would eat again!!! … Preferably while watching live yo-yo tricks 5 feet in front of me.

After that, I wandered some more, exploring the most bestest books and stationery in the land. I eventually found myself perusing a selection of portable pencil sharpeners.

Despite just having purchased a KUM Masterpiece, I couldn’t leave without the Alvin 9866 Brass Bullet. I mean, look at this thing:


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