Google Hogar

Earlier today, Aaron sent me a link to this: Meet the bilingual Google Assistant with new smart home devices

When I got home, I switched our Google Home to the two languages we’re learning: Spanish and Japanese.

Then I went to my office and realized I had to ask Google to turn on the lights. Hilarity ensued.

Eventually, I figured out both the verb and the conjugation to turn the lights on and off. Imperative tense FTW!

However, Google seemed to recognize only 30% of the lights in the house, none of which were in my office. I eventually figured out I had to rename “office” to “oficina”. Finally, I had light.

A non-English speaking Google Home is either going to be really good for my Spanish, or really frustrating, because if I can’t get what I want from Google I’m going to have to resort to Alexa, who can’t even understand me in English.

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