Audibly Showy

The last couple months we’ve been working on string together all the new stuff from May and June. Collectively, we have a couple good sequences chock full of rim taps, light taps, twirly sticks, tossy sticks, showy arms, and footwork.

At the end of class last week, Sensei introduced a couple new things: over the head stick taps and sliding rim taps. I like them, it’s audibly showy, and our class is predictably hilarious trying to learn the new motions.

Sensei laughed at us, said we’d work on it next week, and closed out the class with a full set of one of the sequences we’ve been working on.

Thanks to various travel schedules, I’ll be going 3 weeks between classes. Good thing we live in the future and I can study the new sequence from our Facebook group video.

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