Back to the bouldering cave this morning to work on a not yet solved V3.

The penultimate move on this problem is a jump to a fat, non-juggy hold. These kinds of holds are not on my list of strengths, and it took me well over 10 tries over 2 sessions to start sticking it half the time.

Once there, both hands end up on this hold, and the next move is another jump to finish.

For me, the first jump is facing the wall. The second is with my right hip on the wall.

All this is to say that I warmed up on a few V0s this morning and my forearms felt crappy. I wasn’t really in a mood to work on the problem, but then one of the regulars I know came by and asked what I was working on. He gave it a try, had similar difficulties on the final move, and we took turns trying to puzzle it out. It was way more fun that way, and eventually I stuck the whole thing.

It felt a lot like last week. I’m really digging the weekday morning bouldering crew.

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