Because I can’t yet wheelie like a pro, and because I’m a big believer in learning from as many people as possible, I stumbled* across this video the other day and watched the whole thing.**

It was interesting to hear the tutorial’s suggestion of using my sit bones to balance left and right. I’ve had a lot of trouble with my left right balance using my knees and arms, so I made a note of this. In bold. Then underlined it.

I noticed as I watched this video that the rider/coach/host doesn’t use his arms much to pop into a wheelie. I’ve noticed this in other wheelie videos as well, and yesterday I finally decided to try it. And whaddaya know, I don’t need to pull with my arms. I can pop the front wheel up just fine with a weight shift and pedal stroke.

It’s not clear to me whether that’s because I’m more comfortable with the technique now, or because my legs are stronger. I’ve been spending my time doing squats and deadlifts instead of riding, and I noticed during my pre-wheelie ride that I could power up hills in a higher gear, but tired more quickly.

I also tried to play around with sit bone steering, but I think I need to practice more than once every month and a half to productively play with steering.

Anyway, I’m still here, randomly working on this wheelie thing, making tiny bits of progress as I go.

* Not exactly “stumbled.” More like “targeted by YouTube because it knows everything about me.”

** Twelve minutes of video is an eon with my attention span.

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