Jerry the Juggler

It was beautiful out this afternoon, so Aaron and I went to San Mateo for bubble tea and walked to Central Park. Jerry was there again with his juggling spread. I wanted to visit and Aaron agreed. Yay!

He got Aaron started with the basic toss right away. Then he asked how my juggling was going and I showed him my 423, thanking him for the 2-ball tips from last time. “That’s a 3 1/2 ball pattern,” he said, “You’re ready for 4!”

As it turns out, a 4 ball fountain is just the 2 ball pattern in each hand, staggered.

I say “just”, but I have a lot of practice ahead of me.

Once I could sort of do the 4 ball fountain, he started to teach me Mills Mess, which he showed me last time as well. Watching it is a mind warp, and it took me a bit to get even the second catch. But catch I did, and eventually I got the third catch as well. This one is going to take even more practice, but it’s going to look really freaking cool once I get it!

Also really freaking cool, Jerry had with him different sets of Gballz. I’d been wondering about these because the competitive juggling world seems to swear by them. Lucky me, I got to try a variety of Gballz sizes and weights today. The moment I held one I instantly understood why everyone raves about them.

If I learn Mills Mess I get to buy Gballz.

By the time we left, Aaron had the beginnings of a cascade. Success!

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