Flowy Taps

Wowowow, so much new stuff in taiko class today:

– rim taps
– light drum taps
– hitting a three count within each beat
– arms

The light drum taps aren’t totally new. We saw them once or twice back in February, but I didn’t know how to hold the bachi back then to do it quickly and effectively. Now that I’ve got the don grip down, I can understand shifting my grip toward my index fingers for the taps.

There’s a name for the taps, but I can’t remember it. Yet.

I had tons of fun with the don-tap and do-ko-tap combos. But then it got better! We added showy arms! All of a sudden it’s not just rhythm and form and strength, it’s finer control and some flair as well.

Things are definitely more complex now. I’m loving it!


  1. Next step – mount drum to bicycle! Wheelie drumming!

    Seriously, I really love the vicarious learning about the drumming.

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