Elephant Adventure 34: The Great Earth Beneath You

The exercise: Being aware of the great earth beneath us.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t get whatever it was I was supposed to get out of this.

What I got out of this: The earth is large and steady and it’s there beneath us no matter what we do to it, or what structures we build on top of it. It’s beautiful and amazing when untouched.

I was on this Adventure for over 3 weeks. In that time, I traveled to Boston and back, then Vegas and back. It was interesting to think about the great earth beneath me as I was in the air. I felt oddly disconnected.

What I also got out of this: Regardless of what city I landed in, what continent you are on, we’re all in this together. Except most of us aren’t thinking that most of the time.

That wasn’t the point of this exercise either, according to the book. But if most of us thought this way most of the time, we’d all be in a much better place.

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  1. Growing up “out here” I guess I am/was connected a bit more directly to the ground than a lot of people. We weren’t farmers exactly, but we always had a big garden, and always helped manage my grandparents huge garden. (tons of fun on a sunny Saturday when I was a kid… that sound was my eyes hitting supersonic speeds as they rolled) I still get a good feeling when I smell freshly tilled soil or wet dirt in the summer. Not a happy a feeling when they fertilize the fields in the Spring, though. (country fresh my a$$) From planting the seeds to eating the veggies fresh off the vine (many times literally standing next to the plant you picked it from) you learn how valuable the ground is and how many different ways it supports you beyond not just letting you fall into space.

    And it is beyond baffling how many people seem to think that the earth and our place on it is infinite and unchanging. I will never understand the “I got mine.” and “I’ll take what I want, when I want and not give back.” attitudes so many people have. Sad.

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