Master Combo Crack

I never did try to crack one of those ubiquitous Master Combination Locks during 30×26. I own several of them, and I wasn’t about to buy another one.

It’s fair game if I find one, though. “What if it belongs to someone?” you ask. I’ve chalked this up to, “No one is going to return, recognize, and claim this totally generic looking shackled combination lock.” I figured if I didn’t give it a home, it’d end up in a landfill.

So I gave it a home. Because it needed one. And because I like projects.

I worked on this lock in 3 sessions of about 30 minutes each. I tried about 5 different guides on the internet. Each guide helped me hone in on possible numbers, and while I had a feel for relevant groups of numbers, I couldn’t quite zero in on a consistent lineup. Finally, I looked at what I considered the most likely numbers and positions across all the methods, factored in the fact that I often have to overshoot the target number on these locks, and tried again.


Master Combo Lock Crack



  1. If you want some more to play with, I have a few of them and I don’t remember the combo.

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