I have space in my brain for 3 languages:

1. English
2. Cantonese
3. French/German/Italian/Spanish

I studied French for 6 1/2 formative years, and it has long been the dominant 3rd language. Dabbling in German and Italian resulted in crossed wires for a bit, but French stood strong.

Spanish is starting to challenge the podium.

This morning, I dreamt I was in a shop, and a lady there was giving out tasty treats, but only to those who asked.

This was a French speaking establishment, so I had to ask in French.

She had three different treats. I wanted two of them.

This one y that one.

Wait… it’s not y.

This one y that one.

Et! It’s et!

My alarm went off before I could correct myself and receive my treats.



  1. TIL – If you can struggle by (or in your case, much better than struggle) with Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese is doable as well, at least reading. Just don’t tell a Brazilian their language sounds like Spanish. You will get some nasty looks.

    TIL #2 – Portuguese is also a very sexy language when spoken by Brazilians.

  2. I absolutely speak Frenish. I’m incapable of both starting and ending a sentence in Spanish; it always becomes French halfway through.

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