Elephant Adventure 33: Hot and Cold

This week, I was tasked with noticing hot and cold.

I don’t mind hot, I thought, and I’m always cold. What else would I notice?

A lot. For one, there’s always a temperature difference between me and the ambient temperature. For another, different parts of me are different temperatures all the time. Also, the temperature around me changes constantly, depending on time of day, geographic location, when I move myself outdoors, indoors, under a shadow, from room to room.

Sounds obvious, but I’ve never taken the time to notice it.

This exercise also tasked me with resisting the urge to alter my surroundings in response to hot and cold. As it turns out, we do this all the time: taking our coats on and off, opening and closing the window, turning on the heat or A/C. I spent the latter part of this Adventure in Boston, and several times a day Penny would stop in the middle of her crazy running around with, “I’m too hot,” and take off her sweater.

This reminds me: In the earlier part of this Adventure I finally installed a fancy Japanese style bidet in my house. I thought about how much I enjoyed the warm seat every time I sat, and then about how I’ll have to turn this feature off when summer arrives.

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