Elephant Adventure 32: This Person Could Die Tonight

The exercise: Consider that the person you are talking to might no longer be here tomorrow.

I had some trouble actually doing this one for a couple reasons. For one thing, my Adventure reminders are lock screen images on my phone. I’ve trained myself not to look at my phone while talking to people, so I could never remember when I needed to. Funny how my efforts pay more attention to people when I talk to them thwarted this Adventure’s efforts to make me pay more attention to people.

When I finally remembered this exercise in a conversation, I was at work, and I immediately wanted to stop my coworker from saying whatever he was saying and send him home. “You might die tonight!! Forget this work bullshit, go be with your family and live your life!”

I didn’t, but this was pretty much the theme the few times I did remember this exercise. So much of what we talk about, so much of what we do every day, is absolutely not what we’d be doing with our final hours.

So I kind of failed this adventure. But I get it. Make every moment count. And don’t do things thinking you can fix them later. Fix them now.

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