A Joggle In The Park

It was beautiful out this afternoon, so after dim sum some friends and I went for a stroll at the local park. We saw a guy juggling in front of a blanket with a bunch of random balls on it. What is this??! We went over and asked to play.

It turns out the guy likes to juggle, and wants to share it with others. He goes to the park to give people a chance to learn, teaches them some basics, and sells a few varieties of juggling balls, because “You can’t get them around here.”

He’s right. There are no good places to buy juggling balls around here. He buys good ones in bulk, and they’re fabulous. He sells them at cost, because he can.

He started us off with the basics, which I was happy to do. This helped smooth out my toss. I also got some tips on how to juggle two balls in one hand. Once I dial that in on both hands, there’s a three ball pattern I want to learn, where you alternate juggling two balls in each hand, tossing a shared ball from side to side.

That probably didn’t make any sense, and since I don’t know what it’s called I can’t link you to it.

I’ll just have to learn it and post a video someday.

Also, new term I learned today: joggling. It’s a thing!

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