Coffee Tasting

My local Philz held a coffee tasting yesterday. I signed up. Of course I signed up.

This is where I admit to consuming my daily coffee(s) with liberal amounts of dairy.* Blasphemous, I know.

Blasphemous, and exactly why I wanted to go to a coffee tasting. I wanted to learn to appreciate coffees on their own, and also compare different varieties and roasts side by side. We cupped, we slurped, we paired.

The verdict: I still wouldn’t drink a cup of black coffee on its own.

That said, I discovered that black coffee can pair amazingly well with food. The trick is to match the bean and the food.

Buttery, chocolatey, fruity pastries and buttery, chocolately, fruity coffees. (Not all at the same time.) Like flavors paired well together, and finally made all the pastries at coffee shops make sense. Not that I ever thought coffee shop pastries didn’t make sense. Pastries are always make sense.

My favorite pairing, and a surprise to some at the tasting, was dried mango with the Fair Trade Peru. Coffee and dried fruit? It works!

On the flip side, I mixed my various pairings to experience what doesn’t work. Lots of things don’t work. How, then, are we supposed to find these magical pairings without months of trial and error?

By going to a coffee tasting!

Thanks Philz! Y’all are the bestest.

* This is also where I clarify what kind of dairy is allowed: extra heavy whipping cream for coffee, whole milk for lattes. I’m at least not watering down my beans with fat free nonsense. Fat is flavor.

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