Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour


Jilly: I’m in planning mode on this Vegas helicopter ride where you land in the grand canyon. Are you interested in going?
Me: ermagerd the thought of a helicopter kind of terrifies me
Me: awesome, definitely must do then


As it turns out, flying in a helicopter is not terrifying at all, because you’re too busy feeling exhilarated.

Not too exhilarated to feel airsick, though. OMG was I airsick. For hours.

Totally worth it! Because floating into the sky and trails and plateaus and mountains and Lake Mead and Hoover Dam and random little towns and eagles’ nests and swooping over crests and into valleys and omigosh the world is beautiful and amazing.

It doesn’t even look real. So much wowowow.

Also, this crazy turn:

And some more videos.

To quote Meri after we landed in the Grand Canyon, “I didn’t know this was on my bucket list until today!”

Check, and check.


  1. Have never done a helicopter ride. Hrm. Need to make that happen.

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