I walked by a sign today, read it, and continued on.

After I rounded the corner, I realized it was in Spanish.

Score one for not noticing!

As I thought about the sign, I considered how all the word endings matched in terms of gender and quantity. I wondered if I would have remembered those details if I’d crafted it. In that moment, I empathized with crafters of Engrish signs around the world.

I wonder what the español equivalent of Engrish is. Espanol?


  1. Spanglish.

    Not as entertaining as Engrish since we are now exposed to more and more Spanish, but can still be interesting. For example, asking someone how old they are on their birthday would have you inquiring about “años”. Leave out that accent mark (verbally or visually) and you are asking about something else entirely…

    • Años is a hirarious and timely one. But what is that category of mistakes called? We say Engrish, Spanish speakers call it… ??? My internet-fu has failed me on this one.

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