Back to the pool today. I had some concerns about exposing my bloody shin to the pool, but it turns out Nexcare makes waterproof bandages. And they work. I was super impressed when I took off the bandage after my swim and everything was dry.

Worked on some things…

Swim downhill: I actually felt a difference, like I was doing more in the water. What does “more” mean? I’m not good enough to explain it yet. But I’ll keep working on this one. Today’s swimming downhill was definitely more successful than last week’s.

Focus on kicking: I got sick of counting breaths, so I just focused on kicking better. It was liberating to not count breaths.

Relax: As expected, this has the greatest impact on improving my breathing. It’s hard to relax and still remember to do all the things I’m working on, but it was nice to feel it make a difference.

Progress! I completed my 40 laps faster than in previous sessions. Not sure if it’s because my body is getting used to swimming or because of my attempts to breathe better.

My breaststroke felt great today. Faster and smoother and more powerful. Huzzah.

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