Moar Random Coaching Plz

Hopped in the pool intending to do 20 laps of freestyle, focusing on exhaling continuously in the water.

Around lap 16, a new neighbor hopped into the lane next to mine.

After lap 20, he asked if he could offer some advice.


His first tip was exactly along the lines of why I need to find non-true-beginner, not-yet-proficient-swimmer coaching. He’d noticed that I lingered with my hands just above the water, and that, in turn, was causing my head to sink.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here, but I often have no idea what my extremities are doing when I’m swimming. If I’m not focusing on it, I have no idea what it’s doing

Standard conversation from swim class:

Coach: Do you know that your _ is _?
Me: I have no idea what my _ are doing.

Next, he noted that I tend to look back instead of to the side when I breathe. I knew I was doing this, but probably because it’s hard to turn my head to the side to breathe when my arms are making my head sink.

I did a few laps focusing on my hands and head. Much better!

After that, another tweak. Apparently I glide my hands just above the water to bring them from back to front. Again, I had no idea! I’m supposed to bring them out of the water, elbows high, and this in turn helps my shoulders rotate.

I tried this for a couple laps as well, but ran out of time.

Things to work on for next time!

Thanks random former swim coach.

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