Yards, not meters.

Did 60 laps today in 61.5 minutes. Getting better about not exerting too much energy per lap, and understanding how much I actually need to rest before I can do another lap.

I have abandoned breathing on my left side. I did it twice today and both times it felt awkward.

I think what this means is I need to keep what zen I’ve achieved and start working on continuous exhalation underwater. My goal is a breath every three strokes, not holding my breath in between.

Before I wrote that last sentence, my goal was a mile in a single session. But getting this breathing thing down is important. Breathing it is. I’ll come for you later, mile.

Distance is arbitrary anyway.

Played around with hand shape and position on the backstroke today. (I can’t even think about it for freestyle.) There’s more to explore there as well.

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