I have not had a serious sit for a while now. For weeks. Perhaps months.

My last sit was for about 10 minutes on a poolside hammock at our Koh Lanta resort. I sat upright, held aloft by two coconut trees. It was morning, and most people hadn’t ventured outside yet. The light motion of the hammock sent my mind on a fantastic journey through space.

Seriously, I felt like I was flying through space.

That was seven weeks ago.

We’ve finally hit the end of year lull. I finally have time to sit. Not that lack of time is a good excuse not to. If anything, it means I should have been sitting more.

This afternoon, I sat. Where was I supposed to put my hands? Why are they cold? When will they warm up? I watched my breath. Or so I thought.

After half an hour, I started to get the hang of sitting again. That’s when I noticed my heartbeat. Right! That’s the thing I watch, when I’m still enough.

I sat for another ten minutes after that. Those ten minutes felt calm, centered, balanced, peaceful.

Let’s not wait another seven weeks to sit again, me.

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