Had my final swim lesson tonight. I started with a question about how to not forget about my feet when freestyling. I was told to kick when I arm stroke. That helped a lot.

Next, we decided to teach me how to dolphin kick. It’s all in the hips! I started to get the hang of it once I channeled my inner mermaid.

After that, we tried to add the arms for butterfly. I had a pretty comical first couple attempts, but managed to get both my head and my arms out of the water after that. Not terrible!

Played around in the water at the end, tried a somersault on a whim. Nailed it!

Lots for me to work on on my own.

Some notes for freestyle:

  • feet pointed for kicks
  • kick when I arm stroke
  • hands enter the water smoothly (no slapping), then reach forward
  • reach and rotate starting from the hips
  • pull myself forward through the water
  • finish the arm stroke
  • turn head, don’t lift, for air
  • don’t hold my breath underwater, blow bubbles
  • keep a rhythm, don’t let my arms linger too long in one position
  • relax

I should have probably put “relax” at the top.

I wish you could all hear my thoughts as I freestyle. I’m literally going through random items on this checklist, fixing something different every few strokes. For every one thing I fix, I immediately forget something else.

Maybe I’ll work on focusing on one thing per length of the pool. We’ll see.

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