Elephant Adventure 19: Rest Your Hands

We were supposed to use this as an exercise to relax our body and mind, beginning with relaxing the hands.

Instead, every time I rested my hands I thought about how they were all stressed out from too much bouldering.

Then I went to Thailand. Elephant adventures don’t fare well when I’m traveling. This, despite the trained elephant mural that greeted me in the hotel hallway several times a day.

A couple things I noticed that weren’t explicitly part of this exercise:

1. Hands at rest lie neither flat nor in a clenched fist. I looked this up and from my late October note that reads “Giraffe necks!” I probably learned that giraffes don’t have to actively hold their necks up, because tendons.

2. After a moment of rest, I would notice my hands as I used them. I find that far more fascinating. Especially typing. It’s like they have a mind of their own.

I’m letting this one slide and moving on.

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