Nicest Hockey Player

Two months into hockey retirement, there is not a single mention of “hockey” on my blog front page.

I’ve been busy.

Spent the last two weeks helping out with Winter season evaluations. I coached, ran eval sessions, evaluated, coached, ran eval sessions, evaluated some more. There was a league picnic somewhere in all that as well. It was great to spend time with my hockey community.

Two of the practices I coached were at Ice Oasis, where I played my last game. The upside of not remembering my last game? No PTSD at the rink.

Summer season awards were announced today. Instead of voting for MVP/MIP/MSP we switched to voting for fun things. I get to leave hockey with a Mary Poppins award, “for the nicest player with the best attitude and is always there to encourage the team, even when you’re down.”

I should put that on a retirement plaque: Nicest Hockey Player.

I wonder if we still do prizes. I hope I get a flying umbrella.

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  1. Now you get to live out the fantasy of being the “old dude” (dudette, whatever) at the rink constantly saying how “it was better in the old days” and “these youngsters just don’t know what it was like before all these new-fangled things!”

    Here’s a freebie to try out:
    Our skates were carved out of rocks by poor children in Victorian era clothing and our Zambonis (no idea what the plural of Zamboni is, although I do know it’s a brand name like “Kleenex” or “Xerox”) were steam powered using the tears of our opponents!

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