Ice Oasis

Went back to the rink where I played my last game I don’t remember to meet a friend. Checked in on Foursquare. “You’re the Mayor!” it said, “Still the Mayor! ‘Four more years, four more years!'”

I’m gonna be sad when I lose that Mayorship for the last time.

On my way out, I saw a kid in the lobby, skates on, icepack on the back of his head. I felt sad for his brain.

Returned to that rink later for Give Hockey A Try Day. So much work and anticipation and fun and joy and friends and community. Many of the participants liked it enough to sign up for the upcoming season when they got off the ice. Welcome to our community. I wish you a most amazing journey.

– – –

Update: 2017-08-09 @ 10:10 PM

I lost my Ice Oasis mayorship yesterday. I was not sad, probably because I knew it was coming. Or maybe because losing a silly mayorship doesn’t even register on my current scale of grief. Not that I am drowning in grief. I’m doing pretty good, actually. It’s just that the scale on the Y-axis (grief) is larger than usual right now. The spike will scroll off over time, and the Y-axis will go back to normal.

Emotions and graphs go well together, ya?

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