Handshake Line

Because hockey is never complete without handshakes.

Good game. Thanks for the many friends I’ve made over the years. You have gifted me with Community, and my life is richer because of it.

Good game. Thanks for helping me become more social. I’ve never done well in large groups, but over time I learned to handle and even enjoy hanging out with a locker room full of people, a rink full of people, a tournament full of people. My people. My friends.

Good game. Thanks for giving me so much to work on. In you I found a universe of skills to learn and hone: skating, shooting, passing, game play… I loved that there was always something I could do better. I loved that there was no end to improvement. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn.

Good game. Thanks for helping me develop confidence in myself. Watching my skills improve over time solidified my belief that if I dedicated myself to learning something, I would learn it, and learn it well. The world around me has come alive with potential.

Good game. Thanks for teaching me how to lead. As I became a veteran in my league, I realized I was in a position to welcome new players, reach out to individuals, rally the troops, and make an impact on the quality of everyone’s experience. This has served me well outside of hockey as well.

Good game. Thanks for teaching me what it means to be on a team. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, bring different assets and liabilities. That’s what keeps things interesting and fun. You are indeed a microcosm of life.

Good game. Thanks for all the places I’ve traveled to that I would not have visited otherwise, and also for the places where I got to reconnect with old friends.

Good game. Thanks for all the ridiculous fun I’ve had with so many of my teammates over the years. Ziplines, machine guns, giant inflatable water slides, tailgates, pond hockey, shaved ice the size of my head, meat raffles, cockroaches in the middle of the night…

Good game. Thanks for all the good eats, good people to share it with, and good calorie burn to justify all that good eating.

Good game. Thanks for the all the exercise. It was so much fun I didn’t even realize I was exercising. On days when I had trouble motivating to leave the house, the thought of disappointing my team got me off my butt right quick. You come with one hell of a commitment device.

Good game. Thanks for a super fun final week. I got to play with all my favorite linemates in that time. I could not have scripted it better.

Good game. Thanks for 15 amazing years, over 900 games, and hundreds more scrimmages, pickups, clinics, and practices. Thanks for every goofy moment on the ice, every beautiful play I’ve witnessed, and every exciting moment I was lucky enough to have been a part of.

After our championship game in Vacaville last month, I sat for a while in our locker room, fully suited, watching my teammates celebrate. “Taking it all in?” asked Annie.

“Yeah,” I smiled.

Dear hockey, thanks for every moment. I have enjoyed the heck out of you.


  1. It makes me happy that you got so much out of hockey and appreciate it. So many people do things and never feel anything more than just passing entertainment.

  2. I’m so thankful for hockey because that’s how I met you!

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